Open Advice Review

Is it really open? You tell us.

In 2014, after more than 10 years of fighting against their victims, the Commonwealth Bank were forced to announce the Open Advice Review program.

The program was announced following a senate inquiry into tens of thousands of elderly victims of conflicted financial advice, forgery and fraud at the hands of CBA Financial Advisers. Many lost their entire life savings.

As a result of questionable evidence provided by senior CBA executives to the inquiry, the senate has called for both the CEO Ian Narev, and Chairman David Turner to give further evidence in relation to one of the biggest cases of financial misconduct in Australia's history.

Victims consistently claim that they were stonewalled by senior Commonwealth Bank staff for years, such as Brendan French (General Manager of Group Customer Relations). This was evidenced in the senate.

A spokesperson from the Commonwealth Bank has now confirmed that Brendan French has recently been appointed as Executive General Manager of Open Advice Review. Victims that claim they were turned away by Brendan French personally with dismissive communications, have expressed their concerns that he is once again in control of their outcome.

Culture in a big organisation does not simply change overnight, but we thank Ian Narev and the Commonwealth Bank for acknowledging that the culture needs to be changed, and we are hopeful that it will.

This website has been set up by a team of professionals who have identified the need to independently monitor the CBA program to ensure victims who encounter any further issues dealing with the CBA, have a central and public place to unite.

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